MVVC 2017 Club Officers

H. Neil Reichard


I have been a member of MVVC since the 2011 Festival, and was elected to President for 2014. I try to attend most Club events, and have been to and enjoyed most of our gatherings.
I have owned various VW's in the past; 1962 Beetle; 1963 Bus, 1967 Square-back; 1972 Super Beetle; 1973 THING, a 1981 Rabbit Pickup (Caddy), and a 1987 Rabbit Cabriolet (Cabby). My newly painted yellow Rabbit Pickup found a herd of deer on the way home from a MVVC event in Lansing in late 2011, and was totaled. (Thankfully, I was not injured.)
I currently have a 1972 Bradley GT2 with VW mechanicals, a 1990 VW Fox, and a newly purchased 1970 standard Beetle. I keep my VW's with other collector cars in my garage just outside of Dexter, MI.
I look forward to serving as your President for 2015 and beyond, having fun, and enjoying our cars together!

Dan Peirce


Let me introduce myself. My name is Dan Pierce. I am 44 and have been a VW enthusiast since I was 9 years old. I bought my first VW (1957 oval) when I was 13. I learned a lot from that car and met a lot of interesting and wonderful people with similar interests through the VW hobby. I also build/fly/repair remote control airplanes. I have always been a hands on kind of guy and have built many motors (VW/Chevy) as well as most repairs and have even done a couple of full ground up restorations. I have enjoyed Ice racing, cone racing and drag racing with many of my cars for many years. I have probably owned around 13 Volkswagens over the years (hard to keep count). I currently have a 1966 sunroof beetle that I have owned for 5 years and have done much traveling/racing/shows with it. I wanted to get more involved with the MVVC club by being on the board. I believe from experience that the only way to make changes and to strengthen a club is to get more involved. The only way to make those changes is to be on the board. I would like to have the opportunity to make our club more active and to make the events that we hold more enjoyable for the participants as well as for the organizer. Our club is only as strong and pleasurable as we make it. I will strive to make our club stronger and more inclusive for as long as I am on the board. I hope to meet all of the members at some point so that we can all enjoy our hobby together for years to come under the umbrella of MVVC.

Wayne Burling

Web Master / Newsletter Editor

I have been interested in VW's since childhood but have never actually had one. A couple of years ago I had someone loan me a VW Squareback to use until I was able to get another vehicle of my own, and that re-kindled my interests in them. My dream VW is a bus, either window van or camper. In 2012 a friend and I went together and purchased our first VW, it is a 1976 Beetle, project car.

Chris Schroer


" Hello, my name is Chris Schroer and I am the Secretary of this great club.  I have been a VW lover for as long as I can remember.  My first ride in a Beetle was in my Aunt's 1967 Standard Beetle.  Right then I knew I was hooked. My current car is a 1973 Standard Beetle with a 1967 1500cc motor.  I love to drive it around town where I always get a thumbs-up or a Peace Sign flashed at me.

I enjoy the eclectic group of people we have in this club and our shared love of Vintage VW's" 

Presidents of the MVVC (past and present)
Name Years as President
Al Bulgrin 1987 thru 1992
(Beetle) Bob Case

1992 thru 2000
Roberta Hamman 2001
Ron Wenger 2001 thru 2003
Ed Karmann 2003 thru 2008
John Deikis 2009
Rick Cramer 2010 thru 2012
Larry Kabrick 2013
H. Neil Reichard 2014 - ????